How to pick up your own motorcycle helmet

Source: Yongkang Zhongyi Manufacture & Trade Co., Ltd.Publication time:2018-04-16

Whether the new driver wants to buy his first helmet or old hand wants to replace old or broken old helmet, the most troublesome thing is to make sure that the new helmet that he will buy is suitable for himself. Frankly speaking, it's not an easy thing to do. The Asian brain is indeed diverse, with a wider shape than a European, a wider head and a more overall face. Not to mention the Chinese people still have a special tradition that people all over the world do not have: children should sleep hard pillows and sleep the back of their brains when they are born. The old people say that the flat back of the back of the brain is pretty good, whether it is really good to say the crocodile is not clear, but it is true that it will bring a certain degree of trouble to the helmet selection.

In general, the primaries for your helmet size the main way is the amount of head circumference. The specific practice is very simple: a tape measure to the upper part of the ear at the widest point around the perimeter, measure, specific figures is the circumference of your head circumference, commonly used as a unit of the cm; the head circumference, you can control the size of helmet manufacturers official table to determine his helmet size. With Arai's helmet for example, 57cm-58cm needs to wear a helmet head size M. It is worth noting that every helmet manufacturer has different size setting standards, which ensures that they are judging their sizes according to the size table of helmet manufacturers, because manufacturers and manufacturers are likely to be different, which leads you to buy the wrong number. For example: usually wear No. M Arai, L Suomy may need to wear a big enough.

However, the accuracy of the size table is relatively limited, and the test is the most accurate way to judge the fit of your helmet. The right way to wear a helmet is to wear the force from the front to the back, not a rough set, which is very important and easy to ignore. If you find yourself wearing your helmet every time you wear your helmet, you have to play with your hands to unfold your ears. This means that the way you wear helmets is wrong.

The specific operation methods are as follows: first, hold the fixed belt on both sides of the helmet with the thumb and index finger of both hands, and put the helmet on the top 1/4 sides of the head. Then decide the key steps of whether you wear helmet technology is right. Generally, we will continue to push pull, until the whole head into the helmet, this is actually wrong. The right way is: after the head enters the helmet initially, the six remaining fingers, except for grasping the belt, hold the front and the lower jaw of the helmet, pull the front part of the helmet down, until the helmet is put on. It sounds plain, but it's absolutely good, and you'll try it. Finally, lock the helmet and fix the tape. This is very critical. If you don't lock the helmet, the fixing strap is not as dangerous as the helmet. If you throw the car, the helmet will probably come out of the knight's head and it will not play its protective role.

If you wear a helmet is not, but 3/4, or half section and no helmet, helmet design before the chin, this technique also can be used. When the helmet was worn shallow, one hand continued to seize the helmet belt, the other hold the top of the helmet, and then put his hands together on the helmet. The most important requirement of this technique is to wear a helmet, mainly to the front of the helmet, not the rear force.

After Dai Shangxin helmet, first shake the helmet before and after, so that the helmet will not be easily moved. Then, turn the helmet on the left and right side, and the inner wall of the helmet should be close to your cheek. When the helmet is turned, the meat on the cheek will move along. Finally, try wearing the new helmet as long as possible, and feel the pressure point on the head of the helmet. Notice that even a slight squeeze point and pain, when riding long, can also evolve into unbearable pain because of the accumulation of time.

Different helmet manufacturers are also different in the design of brain adaption. If your head is a bit critical, the helmet sales entity shop trial process becomes very important. Try all the brand helmets, find out the most suitable brain design type brand, then do not change the brand, until you find it more suitable for your own brain.