Misuse of helmet use

Source: Yongkang Zhongyi Manufacture & Trade Co., Ltd.Publication time:2018-04-16

1. the better the helmet is, the better

In contrast, the lighter the better the helmet is. But the lighter a riding helmet, the smaller the chance of testing the test standard, the higher the relative price. Therefore, the premise of selecting helmets is to pass the certification test standard. Most of the helmets above 200 yuan can achieve 260G. The weight doesn't even make you tired even if long-distance, so you don't have to worry too much about the weight index of helmets. Unless you're doing a bicycle race. To minimize self weight, otherwise, it is not worth the extra money to buy a lightweight helmet.

2.The larger or more holes in the helmet

Air permeability is the key to the helmet, which ensures the dry head of your head on a long ride. The more or more ventilated holes on your helmet, the greater the air flow around your head, and the cooler you feel. But remember, the more or more ventilated holes on your helmet, the more your head is exposed, so the degree of protection will be reduced accordingly. A road bike helmet has more or more ventilation holes compared to a mountain bike helmet. In the same way, road cyclist should consider the weight factor of the helmet more than the mountain bike rider. In general, the lighter the helmet is, the more expensive it is. Therefore, unless you are trying to reduce self weight for bicycle racing, otherwise, it is not worth the extra money to buy a lightweight bicycle helmet.

3. small buckle and strap in relation to life, buckle and strap can not withstand the relative force, will break.

You may only know to do some Cycling Helmet impact test, however, buckle and strap to do the corresponding tensile testing, if not through the corresponding tensile test, can not be used in the helmet. Therefore, a qualified riding helmet, small buckle and strap must pass the test to be a true sense of the standard test certified helmets.

4. break or overdue use of helmet

If it breaks, it will not be used. It is only comforting in the heart, but not very substantial. If small knock is not important, it will not be able to play a protective role once the car is thrown. Don't look at a crack. It has changed the force and force effect of the helmet on the physical structure. Do you know the reason for the collapse of a bridge in Seoul in 90s? Later, probably because of a welding point on one side of the deck without welding solid, leading to the emergence of cracks. For a simple principle, you tore from the ends of a brand-new A4 paper, may struggle to break, but once in the middle of the paper tore a little hole, then it is easy to put the paper tearing.

No matter whether the fall or collision, the rider should be every three years to replace a riding helmet. Because although helmets don't collide, exposure to sunlight and sweat can also make helmets and some accessories aging, thereby weakening the coefficient and damaging helmet protection.

5. wearing a helmet

Untie the helmet's jaw belt may feel more comfortable, but if the head is hit, it will easily fly out, and it will not protect itself. So in order to play the protective role of the helmet, please attach the head of the helmet at any time.

6. wearing a too wide or narrow helmet

If the helmet is not the right size, it can't protect your hit head, and don't make a mistake in buying an inappropriate size helmet. To make sure the size of the helmet is right, we can first measure the mass of the head around the head (usually 1 centimeters above the eyebrows), and then buy the helmet according to this measurement. Because helmets are often divided into small, medium and large codes, you may only buy a relatively appropriate size, then use the size adjuster rotary button to adjust to suit the size. Wear a helmet, the helmet from one side to the other side, from the front to the back, worn feeling is comfortable, if too loose or too tight, you need to adjust or replace.